27 / 1 / 2024 

   Rescue and ambulance personnel in the East Irbid Civil Defense Directorate and the police dealt today with a person falling and sustaining a broken foot, in a valley in the Ain Al-Asal area of the Bani Kenana Brigade in Irbid Governorate.

  Civil defense groups moved immediately to the site, and were able to reach the place where the injured person fell after walking a distance of 2 km due to the rugged area and the inability for vehicles to move, especially in light of the current weather conditions. Upon arrival to the person, It was found that the person’s fall from a rocky section in the valley caused him to suffer a fracture in Foot.

  In turn, the ambulance teams worked to make transfer the injured person, provide him with the necessary first aid, and transport him to Yarmouk Governmental Hospital to receive treatment.