20 / 3 / 2024 

By Support from the armed forces - the Royal Air Force to evacuate the injured through a plane accompanied by an international search and rescue team.

** Strenuous efforts were made by the crews in high mountainous areas with rugged terrain, and continuous hours of work at night, to rescue the two people and transport them to the nearest hospital.

PSD spokesman said that the specialized rescue and ambulance teams working in the Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate dealt  to rescue two people of foreign nationality, who were stuck on top of a rock area with a height of more than a thousand meters in the Wadi Rum area in the Aqaba Governorate.

The spokesman  added that the rescue operation was carried out in great coordination and with the support of the members of the Armed Forces - the Arab Army, through an air evacuation plane belonging to the Royal Air Force, accompanied by a specialized crew from the international search and rescue team.

the specialized ambulance and rescue teams arrived at the incident site and worked for continuous hours at night to reach the two people stuck in the rugged area, and worked to evacuate them with the support of a Royal Air Force plane.

 One of the two people suffered various injuries as a result of his fall, while the other suffered from fatigue and general exhaustion, as ambulance teams provided them with the necessary first aid at the site, before they were transferred to Prince Hashem Military Hospital to complete treatment.