Commander of the Jordan international search and rescue team, Colonel Anas Al-Abadi, confirmed that in the fourth day, the team continues its operations in the most damaged sectors in the city of Derna, in Libya.

Speaking to Public Security Radio AMEN FM, Al-Abadi said: We have been working continuously since our arrival in Libya to implement the Royal directives to help our brothers in Libya, adding that the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, is in daily contact to follow up on the team’s work.

The Commander added that the team arrived at Benghazi Airport on Thursday and then headed to the city of Derna, where it began its operational and humanitarian duties immediately and after coordination with the official authorities, noting that the Jordan team includes 88 members, including 5 doctors from the Royal Medical Services.

Work is intensified in one of the most affected sectors in the city of Derna, accompanied by an Italian team, using advanced technical equipment and using the trained dog unit accompanying the team, adding that that many tasks have been accomplished in extracting victims from under the rubble, and that the team’s efforts are continuing around the clock because the region is in need to continue working to provide assistance.

Colonel Al-Abadi confirmed that all workers in the Jordan team enjoys the  good health.