The guests participated in preparing food for their families in a Ramadan and family environment

An inmate meets her family for the first time in 20 years at the Iftar table in correction centers

Public Security Directorate continued its Ramadan community initiatives, which affected humanitarian aspects that consolidate the values of the holy month.

The correction centers continued the Ramadan initiative to enable male and female inmates to join Iftar with their families, which was highly appreciated and considered an opportunity to emphasize the value of the family in the rehabilitation programs of the correction centers .

The Iftar banquet at the Karak and Tafila Correction and Rehabilitation Centers gathered the inmates with their families as part of the Ramadan gathering series launched by the department since the beginning of the holy month.

In the Women's Correction and Rehabilitation Center - Juwaida, the inmates received their families and join them Iftar too

The department enabled the inmates to participate in preparing Iftar for their families members, according to the inmates' choice, which added a more family character to the Ramadan meeting.

While an inmate met her family members for the first time in 20 years due to family circumstances that separated them, in an impressive humanitarian condition.