29 / 5 / 2024 

PSD spokesman stated that CID investigation team  and the Capital Region command were able, in just hours, to complete the investigation to solve and arrest  the perpetrator of the crime of robbery under threat that occurred today, at a bank branch in the Marka area in the capital.

In the details, PSD spokesman said: A report was received by the East Amman Police Directorate this afternoon about an unknown person entering a bank branch in the Marka area and stealing a sum of money (approximately 6 thousand dinars), under threat and fleeing the place.

The spokesman added that immediately after receiving the report and collecting information from the crime scene, an investigation team was formed as the team worked within multiple investigative contexts, starting from the crime scene, to determine the identity of the perpetrator of the crime.

The location of the involved was determined and the suspect was arrested. The suspect admitted to planning and committing the crime using a plastic weapon, while most of stolen amount of 5,720 dinars were retrieved, and the case was referred to  the State Security Court.