10 / 4 / 2024 

The motive for the crime was theft, and all the stolen items were recovered

PSD spokesman said that a report was received by the Irbid Governorate Police and Criminal Investigation department about the body of a sixty-year-old person inside his home in the city of Irbid. Upon arriving at the location and discovering the body, the victim had been stabbed by an unknown person.

The spokesman confirmed that the CID investigations led to suspicion to one person and another who was with him, and they were arrested.

During the investigation with the main suspect, he confessed to committing the crime and entering the victim’s house with his friend, stabbing the victim to death, and then stealing some of the house’s contents and leaving the place.

Accordingly, the stolen items were seized and the case was referred to the judiciary, where the public prosecutor decided to keep the main suspect under custody in a correction center on charges of murder.