PSD spokesman said that one of the investigation teams in the Criminal Investigation Department assigned to reopen the files of unknown cases was able to complete the investigation in one of those cases, which was committed in 1987 and remains unknown until today.

In the details of the case, in 1987, the body of an expatriate of Arab nationality was found killed by two gunshot wounds in his workplace as a guard for a building under construction to north of the capital. The identity of the killer was not determined at the time, and the case remained under investigation with unknown cases.

The spokesman confirmed that the investigation teams in the Criminal Investigation Department, which were formed to follow up the files of all unknown cases, especially with regard to murder cases, reopened the file of this case and made continuous efforts, collecting information and studying the circumstances of the case in a timely manner.

The suspect was searched and arrested, further investigation with him, he admitted that he had committed the crime 35 years ago when he was working in a building under construction, and that he went at night to steal building equipment and materials. While he was stealing, the guard woke up and tried to stop him, but then he fired shots, wounded him, and left the place.

The case was referred to the Public Prosecutor of the Grand Criminal Court, who decided to detain him in a correction and rehabilitation center on charges of murder.