The Cybercrime Unit has warned citizens against dealing with fake and fraudulent electronic links that reply to their phones, or reach them through social media applications, claiming that they are issued by the Central Bank.

The unit  explained, that the sender of that fake link asks the recipient to enter and complete filling in his data, because there is a deficiency in it, and that if he does not enter the data, his credit cards and wallets will be suspended, and this data includes personal information such as account number, numbers, confidential information, and the confirmation code that he receives. As a text message, which enables them to hack the victim's accounts, and get his money, if any, by making money transfers, electronic purchases and other financial transactions.

The anti-cyber crimes  Unit calls on all citizens and residents not to deal at all with these links or interact with them and to ban the numbers that were sent through them, as the Central Bank does not communicate with any person and request his personal or banking information through social networking sites, and not to send any personal documents until It will not be used to defraud other people in the future.

In the event that these links were dealt with and provided with personal or bank data, please contact the bank you deal with as soon as possible and suspend the account temporarily to protect it from theft and hacking.