21 / 3 / 2024 

33 official and civil bodies that participated in formulating the national strategy to combat drugs

  AND  aims to raise community awareness of addiction treatment services and the integration of those in recovery

Preparing a unified educational guide for training on dealing with adolescents and educating them about the scourge of drugs

AND Director, Hassan Al-Qudah, said that the National Drug Control Strategy resulted  in the implementation of the Royal directives during the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the Anti-narcotics Department on 22/05/2023, when His Majesty directed to find a comprehensive preventive strategy for the drug scourge.

AND director  stated that, based on direct orders by   Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, a higher committee was formed, from which technical committees emerged from Public Security cadres to formulate this strategy in partnership with 33 official and private bodies and civil society institutions.

Speaking to Public Security Radio, Al-Qudah stated that this strategy aimed to unify efforts in a comprehensive, participatory approach, in which roles are integrated within one work strategy with all relevant institutions through which we achieve several goals, including building a culture that rejects drugs, in addition to raising the level of community awareness of treatment services

The strategy is based on two main objectives. The first is to raise the level of awareness of the scourge of drugs, which results in operational objectives, the most important of which are strengthening the role of the family and educational institutions and investing in the role of the media in awareness, in addition to the role of religious institutions and civil society institutions in general,  the second strategic objective deals with spreading the culture of rehabilitating addicts and reintegrating them in society, stressing the important national role of the media in this field.

The strategy includes scientific and practical programs and activities, the most prominent of which is the preparation of an educational guide that includes parental skills for dealing with adolescents to reduce risk factors, and a unified guide for educating students, empowering teaching staff and administrative staff in educational institutions, and building their capabilities in the field of awareness with... Explaining the role of social counselors in all schools.