Working together and integrating with partners in the traffic process is the first way to find solutions to traffic matter.

Highway  patrols have traffic and humanitarian roles on roads and we provide support to them.

Director of Public Security Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah stressed the need for commitment and hard work to implement the announced traffic strategy, to find solutions to the traffic problems.

PSD director added that  our success begins with the integration and cooperation between traffic departments and the rest of the public security departments and units, and working together side by side with the rest of the partners in the traffic process from ministries, official institutions and municipalities to find solutions to traffic issues  and take direct measures without delay regarding them.

During his visit today to the highway Patrols Department, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah  indicated the keenness of the Public Security Directorate to provide full support for the personnel of the highway Patrols Department, to implement the relevant part of the security strategy, and to raise its capabilities to respond to the needs and requirements of users of humanitarian, emergency and service external roads.

The Director of Public Security indicated that the Directorate seeks to expand the services provided by the police stations on the roads and to develop all of them, to be integrated police stations that include within its cadres personnel  from the civil defense and a security support force, which would contribute to doubling the comprehensive services provided by its cadres to road users..

The Director of Public Security was briefed by the Director of the highway  Patrols Department, during which he explained the comprehensive duties carried out by the Department's staff  in various external roads on a daily basis, and the plans, programs and future aspirations in implementing the traffic strategy.