15 traffickers classified as dangerous and armed were arrested as  large quantities of drugs and weapons were seized.

The fight against narcotic activities, with the support of the security formations continues in various regions of the kingdom

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department, with support from various public security units, are continuing their intensive operations to hit the dens of drug dealers and promoters, stop their activities and prevent them from spreading poisons among members of society.

The spokesman stressed that during the past 24 hours, a series of raids and security operations were carried out in the governorates of Aqaba, Ma'an, Ajloun, Zarqa, Mafraq, Balqa and Ramtha, during which 15 traffickers were arrested, some of whom were classified as dangerous and armed, and large quantities of narcotics were seized in their possession.

In the city of Aqaba, an investigation team collected information about the most dangerous promoters in the city and identified their criminal activities and their whereabouts. Joint security forces were formed and moved simultaneously to four locations that were raided at the same time. Two persons, one of whom was classified as dangerous, were arrested in the first location after they resisted the security forces, the suspects  were arrested  in possession of 24 packages of hashish, an amount of crystal and a firearm, while a person classified as dangerous and wanted was arrested in the second location in which  a firearm and an amount of drugs were seized, in the third location a person who resisted the force with an automatic weapon was arrested  and 300 narcotic pills were seized, and in the last location a suspect  was arrested in possession of a quantity of drugs intended for sale.

In Zarqa Governorate, after an investigation team followed up the movements of a drug dealer, the location of his activities related to the sale and promotion of drugs was located inside a farm where he was raided and arrested, along with another person who was with him, 10 paws of hashish and 2000 narcotic pills were seized.

in Ma’an Governorate, a person classified as dangerous and armed was followed and after information was received that he had transported a quantity of narcotic substances by his vehicle. When trying to stop him, he showed strong resistance, but the force was able to arrest him, the suspect was accompanied by another person, seized 3.5 packages of hashish and 2000 narcotic pills and two firearms were seized in the operation.

In Al-Mafraq Governorate, a drug dealer was arrested while  he was  transporting a quantity of narcotic substances in order to sell them. He was arrested, accompanied by another person, 11 packages of hashish and 4,000 narcotic pills were seized.

In Ajloun Governorate, AND raided the whereabouts of a wanted person against whom 20 security requests were filed and classified as dangerous. He was arrested and seized with possession a quantity of narcotic drugs intended for sale.

In Al-Balqa Governorate, two drug dealers were arrested in two separate raids, and quantities of narcotics intended for sale and firearms were found in their possession.

a drug promoter was arrested in the Ramtha Brigade after a raid, and he was arrested with an amount of narcotic crystal.