PSD spokesman said that AND investigation team was able, after days of intelligence and operational efforts, to deal with  a criminal group of drug trafficking and promotion in the capital.

In the details, the investigation team made intelligence efforts for days to follow up information about a criminal group for drug trafficking and promotion in the capital, as the team was able to identify the promoters' identities, the locations of their activities, and the storage of drugs.

The spokesman confirmed that after completing the collection of all information, and locating the suspects who were preparing to sell a large amount of drugs, they were raided as three of them were arrested after one of them tried to shoot against the force team, but he had been arrested and controlled, 21 packages of hashish and 5 Thousands of  narcotic pills were seized during the operation.

the spokesman added that after the arrests were completed, they went to the place where the remaining drugs were stored, by searching it, 47 packages of hashish and 8 thousand narcotic pills were found, while another person involved in the case was also circulated.