An exciting final that brought together rehabilitations and correction centers department team and Swaqa rehabilitation center , the real winning is the correction rather than losing between the both sides of the championship Brig. Al-Qudah said..

 Today, the activities of the final of the five-a-side football championship were concluded at the Swaqa Correction and Rehabilitation Center, including  17 reform and rehabilitation centers in the championship.

in the final match, the teams of the inmates met the personnel of rehabilitation department , which ended with winning the department’s team  2-1.

   The rehabilitation department  is  keen to organize sports and social activities, which are considered part of the reform approach, to manage the reform and rehabilitation centers to reflect positively on the inmates, so that they feel that they are people who are not isolated from the outside community, and modern scientific methods are used to provide them with knowledge, through training sessions they receive by the experts.

The ceremony included enthusiastic dances and poetry recitals, in the presence of the Director of the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department, Brig. Dr. Ammar Al-Qudah, Father Nabil Haddad, member of the Board of Trustees of the National Center for Human Rights, delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and a large group of inmates who encouraged their team.

   For his part, Brig. Qudah stressed that such activities are the basis of the reform process, and that what we have achieved today has gone through long stages of reform work, which culminates every day with a new achievement, initiative or a new reform approach, noting that today's match embodied the true picture of reform policy During a competitive and enthusiastic sporting  conditions between the the department personnel  and the inmates, and the last thing we think about is winning or losing, there is no winner today except an open reform security approach, which is what we want to spread for the world to see as a reality that broke the last concepts of prison and turned them into programs and reform approaches.