His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces (JAF), stressed the full support for the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army and the Anti-Narcotics Department, to enable them to confront local and regional drug gangs, and to strike with an iron hand at anyone who threatens our national and regional security.

His Majesty stressed, during his visit to the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Public Security Directorate, today, Monday, that our armed forces and security agencies have always demonstrated high efficiency and ability in defending Jordan's security, and they continue to confront local and regional drug gangs.

His Majesty the King, in the presence of Public Security Director, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, praised the role played by the Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies  in confronting the drug threat around the clock, considering that this role is a subject of thanks and appreciation.

His Majesty praised the efforts made by the Anti-Narcotics Department to deal all forms of drug-related crimes, appreciating its efforts in protecting society and its people from this scourge, and its educational, preventive and curative roles that it provides to the people of society.

His Majesty the Supreme Commander directed the formulation of a comprehensive national preventive strategy involving all relevant authorities, aiming to spread a societal culture and awareness of drugs that contribute to the involvement of society in combating them and avoiding its effects on society and the individuals.

His Majesty observed a short video that showed the most important specific operations carried out by the department, the duties and tasks assigned to it, and coordination mechanisms with the Jordan Armed Forces and relevant authorities, in addition to international coordination.

His Majesty the King was briefed to by the Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, Colonel Hassan Al-Qudah, on the department’s strategy (operational, preventive, and therapeutic), the preventive measures taken to reduce the danger of drugs, the most prominent criminal statistics, the quantities of drugs seized, and the numbers of those involved.

For his part, Major General Al-Maaitah affirmed that Public Security Directorate continues to support the Anti-Narcotics Department with everything it needs and provides it with human and material capabilities, and provides it with the latest devices, equipment and technology so that it can continue to perform its mission in an optimal manner.

At the end of the visit, His Majesty the King toured the department Museum, and was briefed on the awareness brochures and samples of narcotic substances that were seized by the competent authorities.