8 / 1 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate, represented by the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers, completed the procedures for licensing an accredited vocational training center for training professions, licensed by the Vocational and Technical Skills Development Authority, at the Swaqa Correction and Rehabilitation Center.

This important step comes as an extension of the department’s  efforts to develop the training process and update the curricula provided to inmates, to keep pace with the approved standards in the field of vocational rehabilitation, in a way that released inmates skills, abilities, and professional certificates necessary to obtain job opportunities that enable them to integrate into society in a productive manner.

The center's licensing process went through several stages, including trainers with appropriate qualifications and training capabilities, in addition to the availability of buildings, equipment, and curricula designated for each craft, which the center was able to pass successfully.

Based on this accreditation, the center will be authorized to qualify the trainee inmates and provide them with training certificates for practicing professions after completing their training in the sectors: carpentry, design and decoration, metal forming, vehicle maintenance, agricultural skills, food industries, handicrafts, and the hair cutting sector.