27 / 1 / 2024 

The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah met in the directorate’s building today the National Coalition bloc in the lower house, headed by MP Jaafar Al-Rababa.

During his meeting with members of the bloc, in the building of the Public Security Directorate, Major General Al- Maaitah emphasized the participatory relationship that brings together the Public Security Directorate and the lower house, in the interests of the nation and the citizen.

Major General Al- Maaitah stated that the process of work and development in the Public Security Directorate will not stop, but rather has become an ongoing institutional work, and an approach that does not end except by achieving the goals directed by His Majesty the Supreme Commander, which include serving the citizen in the best according to a framework of professionalism and respect for human rights. .

During their meeting with the Director of Public Security, the head and members of the bloc expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts made, while emphasizing the importance of the partnership between the executive and legislative authorities, in implementation of the wise Royal directives, in achieving the best services for citizens and achieving the highest national interests.

The bloc was breifed by the Director of Planning and International Cooperation Department on the Public Security Strategy, criminal statistics, the criminal situation, how to reduce crime, and the role of the Public Security Directorate in standing up to the most important duties, through which the Directorate seeks to raise its capabilities and enhance its performance.