The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, stressed  the pride of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces ( JAF), in all personnel of Public Security, on duty and retired, conveying His Majesty's greetings to his fellow comrades-in-arms.

the Director of Public Security, during his meeting with the former commanders and directors of the Public Security, Gendarmerie and Civil Defense forces, stated that Public Security Directorate will remain the faithful, in which the  various units and formations gathered, on duty  and retired personnel  to the love of the homeland as they are the ones who were and will remain the true men to their promises, faithful to the country and its principles.

During the Ramadan meeting, which was attended by a number of senior officers, Major General AL-Maaitah  indicated that Public Security Directorate will spare no effort for caring for its personnel  and retirees, in implementation of the Royal directives, stressing the need to move forward in the approach of communicating with retired military comrades-in-arms, in appreciation of their giving and sacrifices.

For their part, the attending commanders and directors expressed their pride in the Public Security Directorate, and the important roles played by its personnel  in preserving security and stability, and serving citizens in all aspects of life.