3 / 6 / 2024 

Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized today the graduation ceremony of the preparation and qualification course for new PSD recruits, held at the Gendarmerie Specialized Training Center / Swaqa.

During the training period, the graduates received a number of scientific and practical courses, and various trainings, which come within the plans of the Public Security Directorate for training the man power according to training system in various security, police and humanitarian sciences and topics.

The Commander of the Gendarmerie Specialized Training Center confirmed during his speech that this new group of Public Security knights are moving forward with determination to serve the nation and citizens, armed with knowledge and science, and to join their colleagues who preceded them in the fields of honor and heroism, under the wise Hashemite leadership.

The graduates swore loyalty to the homeland, the king and the constitution, to apply laws and regulations, to carry out the duties entrusted to them honestly. At the end of the graduation ceremony, which was attended by a number of public security officers and the graduates' families, Major General Al-Maaitah handed over the appreciation awards to those who deserved them.