Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces, to the personnel  of the Public Security on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, stressing His Majesty's directives to continue the security, humanitarian and community efforts to serve the citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

This came during a meeting chaired by the Director of Public Security, in the presence of senior officers of the Directorate, directors and commanders, in which Al-Maaitah discussed the most important security duties implemented to serve citizens, and the most prominent security and traffic plans designed to facilitate citizens.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed the necessity of continuing the high readiness of the civil defense teams and cadres, and the continuation of work and coordination between units and formations, to ensure the flow of security and humanitarian services according to the best ways and in various circumstances and times, especially before and during the days of Eid Al-Adha, the start of summer holidays, the return of expatriates, and the reception of visitors to the Kingdom.

He indicated to  the need to intensify the efforts of traffic departments in the field, and to activate security plans efficiently to provide security to citizens, through all police units, supported by the gendarmerie.

Major General Al-Maaitah passed orders to  the Royal Department for Environment Protection to strengthen control over public places, especially in tourist areas, to preserve and protect citizens and tourists  adding that the importance of media and community awareness in this field.

Major General Al-Maaitah also directed to facilitate the inmates and their families during the Eid days, and to expand their visits on this occasion, in a way that strengthens the inmates' family ties.