The player of the national team and the public security taekwondo team, Zaid Al-Halawani, won the bronze medal in the under-68 kg competition in the Grand Prix Championship, the second round, which was hosted by the French capital, Paris, with the participation of the best (32) male and female players in each weight.

Al-Halwani opened his rounds by defeating the American player, “Harris Khalfani,” with a score of (0-2), and in the quarter-finals and won  the round against  the South Korean player, “Jun Jin,” with a score of (0-2).

In a distinguished Jordanian match, Al-Halwani surpassed his teammate, Zaid Mustafa, in the quarter-finals, with a score of (0-2), and won with the bronze medal after losing to the Brazilian player, Edival Pontes, in the semi-finals, with a score of (0-2).

It is worth noting that the national taekwondo team, whose training is supervised by Captain Fares Al-Assaf, achieved in the first round of the Grand Prix tournament, which was held in the Italian capital, Rome, one gold medal, which came from the national and public security team player, Saleh Al-Sharbati, in the under-weight 80 kg competition.