Today, Palestinian military delegation headed by Brigadier General Hatem Shafiq visited the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate in the Public Security Directorate, within the framework of joint cooperation aimed at exchanging training experiences in the security and police fields between the two sides.

The Director of the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate briefed the guest delegation on the role played by the Directorate and the most prominent media and awareness efforts it implements to deliver the security media message, address rumors and promote national values.

For its part, the delegation praised the advanced level reached by the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate, the distinguished level and professionalism of its cadres, and the endeavor of the Palestinian Police General Command to benefit from the expertise of the directorate, and to transfer the experience of Public Security Radio (Amen FM) to be applied in the Palestinian Police Command as a typical and unique experience at the level of the region.