The Public Freedoms and Human Rights Parliamentary Committee praised the role of correction and rehabilitation centers in implementing the rehabilitation strategy adopted by the Public Security Directorate, in accordance with the highest human rights standards.

The head of the committee,  MP Bassam Al-Fayez, indicated during the committee's visit today to the Aqaba Correction and Rehabilitation Center to the good international standing and reputation that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan enjoys in the field of public freedoms and human rights, stressing that the rehabilitation centers in Jordan have won international respect after they made great developments in the field of reform policy and programs.

For his part, the Deputy Director of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers, Brigadier General Dr. Ayed Al-Khalayleh, noted that the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers is continuing to implement the plans and strategies set for the rehabilitation of inmates in correction centers, with an approach that includes all academic, professional and technical aspects, to enable them to engage in society as active individuals after the end of their sentences. .

Members of the Parliamentary Committee toured the center's facilities to see the status of the services provided to inmates and the reform programs implemented inside the center.