Parliamentary Public Freedom and Human Rights Committee praised the role of the Public Security Directorate in implementing the reform strategy aimed at providing health and humanitarian care to inmates within the framework of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Chairman of the Committee, MP Bassam Al-Fayez, confirmed during the visit that the Committee made today to the Balqa Correction and Rehabilitation Center, in the presence of the Deputy Director of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers, Brigadier General Dr. Ayed Al-Khalayleh, that the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers apply the rules guaranteed by international human rights conventions and laws in accordance with the highest local and international standards.

Al-Khalayleh added that the correction and rehabilitation centers were the first to develop the correctional philosophy by adopting methods and programs to reintegrate inmates  by the work in partnership and complementarity in roles in order to strengthen these roles and continue to perform them in a way that establishes the exemplary picture of national institutions.

The committee was briefed by the director of the center, Colonel Mohammed Al-Adwan, during which he outlined the role that the department played in rehabilitating inmates, by taking all coordination measures with the relevant ministries, in addition to scientific programs based on directing the inmate’s energy to the profession for which he is suitable, and providing opportunities during his sentence.

During the visit, in which MPs Rima Al-Amoush, Ali Al-Ghazawi, Fadi Al-Adwan, Hadiya Al-Sarhan, and Fulaiha Al-Khudair participated, the committee was briefed on the reality of the services provided to inmates and the most prominent correctional programs implemented within the correctional strategy aimed at helping and rehabilitating inmates.

The committee also visited the National Center for Mental Health "Al-Fuheis" and were received by the administrative governor of Mahes and Al-Fuheis, Saleh Al-Kilani and the director of the hospital, Dr. Hassan Al-Sokhna, where the committee observed the level of services provided at the center in general and the judicial section in the center in particular.