Today, Public Security Directorate celebrated the memory of the Holy Isra and Mi’raj, in the presence of the representative of the Assistant Director of Public Security for Management  and Manpower, Brig. Dr. Mutasim Abu Shttal.

Brig. Abu Shttal said that Public Security Directorate has been celebrating this Holy occasion, because of its great impact on the hearts of Muslims, and the embodiment of lessons and meanings of light and guidance, and in which the dignity of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is manifested, and the most sublime images of divine relief and divine honor for him, and reflects the necessity of the insistence  to succeed and the patience for it until reaching the end.

In turn, the Director of the Ifta and Religious Guidance Department, Mufti of Public Security, Colon. Samer Al-Hawamleh, indicated to the greatness of this occasion on the hearts of all Muslims, which embodies a divine miracle and the power of God Almighty, indicating that the Messenger, peace be upon him, that would lead him to guide people. And resorting to God is the best way to continue the message and consolidate the morals of Islam and its tolerant values, which are suitable for every time and place.

On the other hand, the representative of Public Security Director farewell the Umrah mission for the retired, the non-working injured and the families of the martyrs, indicating that the conduct of the Umrah mission is a translation of the directives of the Hashemite leadership that is always keen to consolidate the constants and Islamic values ​​and for the spiritual meanings of the worshipers that encourage its performers to noble morals and pure work.