Public Security Directorate celebrated the opening of the forged documents laboratory Laboratories and forensics Department , which aims to enhance security efforts in combating crime and practical procedures in law enforcement, in the presence of the Assistant Director of Public Security for Management  and Manpower, Brig. Dr. Muatsem Abu Shttal and the Dutch Deputy Ambassador to Jordan Mr. Mark Haselaer.

Brig. Abu Shttal said that Public Security Directorate is working in accordance in a strategic approach, which includes keeping pace with modern sciences continuously, following up international research and experiments, and employing them to detect crime by using the latest advanced technologies.

Indicating that Laboratories and forensics Department operates according to a high professionalism aimed at serving citizens, in a manner that ensures maintaining the security and safety of society.

He appreciated the joint cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan and the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in partnering with Laboratories and forensics Department and the Department of Residency and Borders in developing work mechanisms to achieve criminal justice, and to combat crimes of all.

For his part, the Dutch deputy ambassador said that the opening of this laboratory came as a confirmation of the importance that the Dutch government attaches to providing the necessary support to Jordan, due to its distinction in dealing with refugees during their entry into Jordanian territories.

In addition, this project represents a qualitative leap towards more justice, as it will provide technical results using the latest devices and modern technology, praising the exceptional efforts made by the Public Security Directorate through Laboratories and forensics Department, which aims to follow high-accuracy professional procedures.

the head of the office of the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) Jean-Charles de Cordes stated that the opening of this laboratory came in order to enhance operational capabilities in detecting the fraudulent use of travel documents and personal identification documents, and it was provided with many technical equipment and quality devices that contribute to detecting fraud.