Today, Public Security Directorate and the Institute of Public Management signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening the frameworks for joint use of the capabilities available to the Institute of Public Management and the Institute of Communications and Information Technology at the Public Security Directorate.

 The agreement was signed at the Institute of Public Management by the Assistant for Management and Manpower in the Public Security Directorate, Brig. Gen.Dr. Moutasem Abu Shattal, and the Director of the Institute of Public Management, Eng. Siham Al-Khawaldeh.

Brig. Gen. Abu Shattal confirmed that this agreement is in the interest of improving the level of services provided to citizens, indicating that the Directorate is keenly seeking to implement its strategic vision in providing the best services to all segments of society.

 He added that the Directorate is working continuously through the Communications and Information Technology Department to build technical capabilities and develop electronic infrastructure, indicating  to the importance of partnership and cooperation with all public and private sector institutions, which contributes to enhancing their ability to implement national goals.

In turn, the Director of the Institute of Public Management, Eng. Siham Al-Khawaldeh, explained that signing this agreement will contribute to supporting the efforts of the Institute aimed at raising the efficiency of public sector employees and building functional and institutional capacities, in a way that contributes to the development and implementation of training programs specialized in preparing relevant research, studies and consultancy.

 Eng. Al-Khawaldeh praised the professional roles pursued by the Public Security Directorate to carry out its tasks and develop the performance of its employees in all administrative and training aspects, and its participatory work with all state institutions.

 The agreement includes the exchange of benefit in the implementation of training programs in various fields of public Management in general and in the fields of information and communication technology and digital transformation in particular, and the implementation of training programs and related workshops under the supervision of trainers specialized in technical and technological fields in a manner that ensures the exchange of knowledge, experiences, practices, ideas and successful experiences between the two parties