Public Security: (2059) violating vehicles and strict procedures against these vehicles and their drivers.

Public Security: strict control measures during the night and the weekend

Public Security Directorate announced that strict measures against vehicles that have been violated and seized this evening, after the results of the high school examinations.

The Directorate added that through its permanent monitoring, and by following up the information and reports it receives, it has been able, as of 6:00 pm today, to arrest (14) people who committed shooting, and seized (11) weapons.

PSD  indicated that in the same period, its traffic cadres issued (2059) violations, including (651) violations due to driving in the form of convoys obstructing traffic, and (1342) vehicles were violated for objects throwing from the vehicle, and (66) vehicles were violated for reckless or show-stopping driving.

Public Security Directorate affirmed that it will not hesitate dealing with the shooters or with the violating vehicles and their drivers, Adding that that it is continuing its strict control measures during the night and the end of this week, and it is also continuing to investigate in terms of reports and information.