30 / 11 / 2023 

Follow up on the remaining small number of vehicles until ensuring that matters related to public safety are corrected.

Traffic departments confirmed that they checked about 805,000 vehicles as part of the winter campaign aimed at ensuring the readiness of vehicles to driven in winter conditions, especially equipment related to traffic safety and public safety.

Speaking to Public Security Radio today, the Traffic Department Operations Officer stated that 90% of the vehicles that were checked by the Traffic Departments and the Environment Police Department were found ready to be driven on the roads, while 10% of these vehicles were given notices about defects in the vehicles within a period of one week .

The traffic operations officer  stressed that the check signal will remain fixed on vehicles that did not pass the technical ckeck due to problems that threaten safety as the small number of vehicles will be monitored until it is confirmed that the related faults are corrected in order to preserve the safety of vehicle drivers and users.

The traffic officer indicated that the early start of the winter campaign, and the cooperation of citizens in responding to the instructions, had a positive impact during the recent weather conditions, as a large number of broken down vehicles were not dealt with.

During the traffic report on Public Security Radio, the officer indicated to the importance of partnering with the citizen in the traffic process to maintain the flow of traffic through the commitment and adherence to traffic priorities and rules and adhering to the instructions of the traffic cadres deployed in the field to provide assistance to everyone.

Traffic Department officer also indicated to the reality of traffic movement on all the Kingdom’s roads, which witness active and smooth traffic movement. Traffic groups were distributed and deployed intensively and early in all areas of responsibility, and at the entrances to the capital and vital intersections to maintain the flow of traffic and remove obstacles and to ensure safe access for citizens to their destinations. Various obstacles were dealt with during the morning period without having any impact on the flow of morning traffic.

The traffic officer stressed the need to give priority when moving from main intersections to sub-intersections and roundabouts, determine the driver’s direction while driving which would reduce the occurrence of many accidents, and also maintain the flow of traffic.

For his part, the highway patrols officer confirmed, in his speech to Public Security Radio, that since the early morning hours, a traffic and security plan had been implemented to receive the traffic that coincides with the start of working hours and to prepare for the reverse movement that accompanies the end of the week by deploying and distributing a sufficient number of fixed and mobile traffic patrols, both in the form of Military or civil.

He added that yesterday, several minor accidents were dealt with, resulting in minor injuries and material damage, for several reasons, the most important of which were close traffic and failure to take traffic safety measures while driving.