The arrest of a smuggler, and the seizure of quantities of narcotic pills, crystal, a firearm, and a quantity of ammunition, and the search is underway for criminals who fled.

 Public Security Directorate: the operations against  death dealers continues , and the sacrifices made by public security men are a sacred duty in order to protect the homeland

Public Security Directorate announced this evening that an AND officer was wounded by gunfire during a security operation to raid drug dealers and smugglers, in the northern Badia, where the officer was taken to hospital and his condition is under treatment.

PSD spokesman said that an investigation team Anti-narcotics  managed today to locate a group of smugglers and dealers of narcotis, most of whom were classified as dangerous and who had hidden with the start of the security crackdown  in the Al-Ruwaished area, and took refuge inside a house in one of the areas at Northern Badia regions.

He stressed that as soon as the security force arrived and raided the location , they opened fire  against  the force that applied the rules of engagement with all professionalism and competence, the engagement  resulted in the injury of one of the officers.

The spokesman added that the security force was able to arrest a drug dealer and smuggler, in addition to seizing quantities of narcotic pills, crystal, a firearm, and a quantity of live ammunition, while others are being followed up who fled taking advantage of the roughness of the area.

the Public Security Directorate wishes the speedy recovery for the injured officer and confirms the continuation of pursue criminals who have sold death and poison at the expense of the safety and security of society.