Public Security Directorate stated that what was public on social media  about a person taking off his clothes after issuing a traffic violation  against him is not true, and that this video is old and belongs to a person suffering from psychological problems.

PSD also explained that a number of the violations whose photos were published today were also not true, and had been manipulated by deleting or editing, including a photo of the violation of “using unauthorized private vehicles” .

Public security also  added that another traffic violation was exaggerated and claimed to be greater than its actual value, through an offending driver speaking on one of the radio stations, who was ticketed for a violation of driving in the opposite direction of traffic, the penalty for which is 50 dinars and not 250 as he claimed.

Public Security Directorate called on everyone to be careful about what is published on websites, emphasizing the state of awareness and commitment observed today in the streets of the Kingdom, which is what PSD seeks to achieve in order to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, and the resulting injuries, deaths, and property losses.