5 / 2 / 2024 

Pursuant to the Royal Directives on the need to advance national participatory efforts, PSD, in cooperation with the Jordan Customs Department, organized a workshop entitled: “Enhancing institutional cooperation between Public Security Directorate and the Jordan Customs Department.”

The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, in the presence of the Director General of Jordan Customs, Major General Eng. Jalal Al-Qudah, opened the workshop, which was hosted by the Directorate of Public Security, and a number of senior Public Security and Customs officers participated.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed that cooperation between Public Security Directorate and the Jordan Customs Department represents an extension of the participatory efforts made to maintain security in its various forms and types, within a security system in which the roles between the armed forces - the Arab Army, the security agencies, customs and all concerned institutions are integrated.

Major General Al-Maaitah indicated to Public Security Directorate’s keenness to enhance coordination at its strategic, operational and executive levels, which continues around the clock, as PSD capabilities available to support the Customs Department and enable it to perform its duties in accordance with the best standards, especially the work at border crossings, preventing smuggling and combating drugs.

Major General Al- Maaitah explained that Public Security and Jordan Customs implement the laws regulating their work directed to serving citizens in many areas, adding that these meetings aim primarily to organize the exchange of information, unify the concepts of joint work, and highlight strengths and opportunities for improvement to provide the best services to citizens.

In turn, Customs Major General Eng. Jalal Al-Qudah confirmed that the Jordan Customs Department is looking forward to more cooperation and coordination that was launched between Public Security and Customs in the training and operational fields, and we have seen its results and positive impact on work outcomes and job performance directed to serving citizens and protecting society.

Major General Eng. Al-Qudah added that serving the nation and protecting its security and stability is the main motivation for continuing the great participatory efforts and exchanging knowledge and experiences between the two sides, and that the existing cooperation between them is a model of fruitful and constructive cooperation and reflects positively on achieving national interests and advancing the development process under the wise Hashemite leadership.

During the session, a number of senior officers from Public Security and Customs presented work papers and discussions through which the participants discussed the most prominent expertise and lessons learned, and the most important proposals aimed at ensuring better performance, improving opportunities and overcoming challenges, in addition to issues related to the prevention of economic crimes and combating drug smuggling.