Public Security announces the results of the security operation in Al-Ruwaished, arresting 33 wanted in trafficking and smuggling cases, including 4 suspects  connected to regional drug smuggling gangs.

PSD : Quantities of narcotic drugs, 30 firearms, a drone, communications devices, day and night vision tools, counterfeit license plates and vehicles were seized, all of which are used in drug smuggling operations.

* Public Security: We continue our fight against death and drug dealers who target the security of Jordanians

*public Security thanks citizens and the media for their national role in supporting the armed forces and security agencies.

Public Security Directorate announced the results of the security operation that was carried out, after the operation achieved its objectives and led to the arrest of a large number of drug smugglers, dealers in the Al-Ruwaished District, and the seizure of their weapons and drugs.

PSD spokesman confirmed that the security operation, which comes in the context of the efforts made by the armed forces and security agencies  to deal with drug gangs, included searches, inspections and raids, and resulted in the arrest of 33 drug-dealers wanted and suspected of drug smuggling and trafficking, Four of them are among the most dangerous and wanted persons connected to regional gangs active across the border to smuggle drugs and weapons.

The spokesman added that the security force participating in the duty seized quantities of narcotic drugs (narcotic pills and crystal), 30 firearms, including automatic and long-range weapons, and large quantities of ammunition, as well as a drone used in smuggling operations, communications devices, binoculars, vehicle license plates, and vehicles used in smuggling operations.

The spokesman confirmed that Public Security Directorate is continuing the ongoing efforts to perform its duties in coordination and cooperation with the Armed Forces - the Arab Army, and the security agencies to deal with criminals, including drug dealers who target the security of Jordanians.

Public Security Directorate praised the great national role played by the media and the Jordanian citizens who supported the armed forces and security agencies.