Public Security Directorate announced the start of an expanded security operation in Al-Ruwaished District to deal and arrest drug smugglers and dealers.

Public Security Directorate said that a security operation began this morning, with the aim of arresting  outlaws who practiced drug smuggling and trafficking in the Kingdom, and were connected to regional gangs active across the border to smuggle drugs and weapons, and targeting national security.

The Directorate explained that the security operation comes within the context of the state’s ongoing efforts to maintain the security and safety of society, to stand firmly against drug gangs and strike their dens within a framework of integration of roles and tasks and coordination with the armed forces – the Arab army and the relevant agencies.

Public Security Directorate appreciated the citizens’ support for the efforts of the armed forces and security agencies in their fight on drugs. PSD also praised the role of the national and responsible media, calling on everyone to obtain information regarding the security operation from its official sources, which in turn will publish the results of the campaign and any information related to it immediately.