Public Security Directorate thanks the majority of the public who showed their commitment and cooperation with the police men.

Public Security Directorate indicated that people were arrested for trying to cause riots during the Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisali match, which was held at Al-Hassan Stadium in Irbid, northern Jordan, on Friday.


PSD spokesman indicated that among of the arrested  were fans whom arrested for using fireworks (shamarikh) after illegally entering them, in addition to a number of others who smashed a number of seats and threw them towards the stadium.

He added, that two people were also arrested before the match for publishing posts inciting violence and hatred on social media.

Public Security Directorate expressed its thanks to the majority of the fans and the two teams, who showed a high commitment to the procedures and cooperated with the police men, as the match did not witness any riots in general, and the security force succeeded in maintaining the security and safety of audience in cooperation with the regulatory authorities and the largest number of fans.