The perpetrator has planned for  his crime, and his penalty is death

PSD spokesman said that the special investigation team formed by the special branch and Criminal Investigation Department and the North Amman Police Directorate to follow up the killing and robbery of a gas station employee managed, within hours of starting the investigation, to identify the suspect and arrest him.

In the details, a report was received by the North Amman Police Directorate yesterday that an employee of an Arab nationality working inside a gas station in the Al-Hashimi area, and before leaving the station with an amount of money belonging to the station, was assaulted by an unknown person with a sharp tool and an amount of 58,000 dinars was stolen from him, as he was taken to the hospital,  he was in a bad condition, and soon after, while the criminal fled.

The spokesman added that a special investigation team was formed from the special, Criminal Investigation Department and the competent police directorate to investigate the incident and identify the perpetrator.

The spokesman confirmed that, through the evidence and information collected, the team was able, within a few hours, to identify the criminal and arrest him.

The suspect admitted that he had previously worked at the gas station and that he planned the assault and robbery while the employee was transferring the sums of money, 51,000 dinars were seized from the stolen amount.

It is noteworthy that the penalty for the criminal is the death penalty according to the law, as he committed the felony of murder