11 / 3 / 2024 

The traffic sergeant was taken to the hospital and is being treated in moderate condition, while the vehicle and its driver were seized later.

PSD spokesman explained the details of the video recording this evening on social media, in which a traffic sergeant appeared following a vehicle that caused an accident for the traffic sergeant, which led to his being taken to the hospital while he was in moderate condition.

in the details: PSD spokesman confirmed that a traffic sergeant was on official duty in the capital, he noticed a vehicle driving without license plates, which raised his suspicions. He tried to stop it, but its driver refused to comply and was followed by the traffic sergeant. The driver suddenly changed street track, which led to him crashing the traffic sergeant's bike, and the driver then fled.

The spokesman confirmed that immediately after the accident occurred and the traffic sergeant was transformed to the hospital, an investigation team, after collecting information identified the vehicle and its driver. He was arrested and investigations were initiated with him in preparation for referring him to the judiciary.