Allegations of besieging the area are baseless and slanderous, and the Al-Ruwaished area is normally open, and any citizen can enter and leave it, without any restrictions.

The rumors that were spread came after the drug dealers were seized, and they are being arrested successively after they tried to hide or escape.

houses search operations  are conducted in accordance with the law and only target the locations of suspected drug dealers.

The security force and the Royal Badia command  are in constant contact with the local community, with the aim of listening to them and meeting their needs.

The security force operating in the area was directly exposed to attempts and shootings by drug dealers, which shows their danger and the extent of the criminality of their actions.

Public Security Directorate confirmed that attempts to mislead public opinion will not stop the operations  the security force operating in the northern Badia from pursuing drug dealers, and will not succeed in undermining confidence between security men and citizens who are rallying around anti-narcotics efforts in all governorates of the Kingdom.

PSD efforts performed  a great progress in controlling and besieging many drug dealers and their promoters trying to mitigate the impact of the ongoing operations against them using false news about the security force and its relationship with the local community.

The directorate added that all these allegations about besieging the community in the Al-Ruwaished area and preventing them from practicing their normal lives are baseless and lies.

The statement indicated that all public facilities, shops, gas stations and bakeries are operating as usual, contrary to what some are trying to promote, and that house searches are conducted in accordance with the law and target the locations of suspects of drug trafficking and promotion only, who do not hesitate to hide such items in their houses and.

PSD stressed that the security force aims primarily to help citizens and ensure the regularity of normal life under the umbrella of security and the rule of law.

The statement indicated that the Public Security Directorate, through the security force, and the Royal Badia Police Command are in constant contact with the families and members of the local community, and held various meetings with them, and still are, with the aim of understanding the operations goals , listening to them, meeting their needs and helping them at any time.

The statement included that  added Al-Ruwaished area is an open area and does not have any kind of security siege or other, and any of its residents can practice their normal life and enter and exit it and to it, and any citizen can visit and enter it as well as naturally and without any restrictions.

The statement stated that the rumors that were published came after the tightening of the grip on drug dealers, who are being pursued and arrested, respectively, after they tried to hide or escape, and to hide what they had in their possession of narcotic substances.

the security force operating in the region was subjected to direct assault and shooting attempts aimed at injuring the staff, by drug dealers and their promoters, which shows the extent of their danger to society, and the extent of the criminality of their actions, which have reached a point with which they do not hesitate to kill and carry weapons in the face of security men. .

The directorate concluded its statement with a message to the people of the region and to the citizens, that the public security men are the sons of this country, and work with honor and sincerity to serve the Jordanians, including our people in the Al-Ruwaished area and the northern Badia, and that they were and will remain during this operation to help them with everything they need.

As for the second message, it is to drug dealers that they will not be safe from justice, and that it has become obligatory for them to surrender themselves, and what they have in their possession, and that any attempt to weaken the security crackdown  against them will be in vain, and the Public Security Directorate will continue its operations  against them until it achieves its goals.