The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized the celebration held by the Public Security Directorate today on the occasion of the Hijri new year anniversary.

Public Security Directorate's celebration of this occasion comes in the light of its approach to glorifying religious events and lessons from them.

In the speech at Public Security Directorate HQ, the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training said that the Directorate has always celebrated the Islamic religious occasions, including the honorable Prophet’s migration, because of what it represents of historical event and foundations of faith that have an impact on the souls, as lessons in giving that lead us to follow the right approach in our present and future.

For his part, the Mufti of Public Security stressed in a speech on the sublime meanings that the memory of the honorable Prophet’s migration bears, and the important and significant connotations it represents.

The ceremony was attended by senior officers of the Public Security Directorate and a number of its personal.