Anti-Narcotics Department destroyed quantities of narcotics that were seized in (1045) cases which was varied  between trafficking to possession and smuggling.

The quantities destroyed included (1,000) kg of hashish, (75) gm of heroin, (80) kg of marijuana, (1) kg of industrial hashish, (12,500.00) Captagon pills, and (57,000) pills, , (1,500) kg of crystal Narcotics, and (4,500) of Joker powder.

Public Security Directorate, through the implementation of its security strategies and operational plans, works around the clock in all regions of the Kingdom and at border crossings to prevent the entry and passage of drugs into Jordan, as the effort made resulted in the high operational coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces, the Arab Army, the security agencies and the general customs.

It is noteworthy that the destruction process was carried out under the supervision of a special committee headed by the Inspector General, Brigadier General Sadiq Al-Auran, the Director of the Laboratories and forensics , the Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, and the Prosecutor General of the State Security