19 / 3 / 2024 

Today, Tuesday, the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized the launch ceremony of the National Strategy for the Prevention of the Drugs (2024-2026) in the Directorate’s building, in the presence of representatives of a number of regional and international organizations, along with stakeholders from ministries, government departments, and civil society institutions.

In his speech announcing the launch of the strategy, the Director of Public Security stressed the Royal directives on the necessity of combating the scourge of drugs according to a scientific and practical approach, which includes all relevant ministries and institutions, and aims to protect society, immunize its members, and promote a societal culture that rejects this scourge and the crimes associated with it.

Al- Maaitah added that this strategy comes as an extension of the ongoing Royal directives, calling for national efforts in combating drugs in which Public Security Directorate proceeded  in accordance with the Royal visions, and to work within frameworks of effective partnership with all official and private institutions in the Kingdom.

Major General Al- Maaitah appreciated the great efforts made to bring this national strategy into effect, according to dimensions that took into account security and societal developments, and new forms of awareness, in various, participatory and complementary methods between various national institutions, and within purposeful foundations to raise the level of awareness of members of society in all its segments and components of the seriousness of this Deadly toxins, especially for young people.

The Director of Anti- Narcotics department briefed  the most prominent components of the strategic plan, including complementary foundations between various national institutions, including educational institutions and civil society institutions, which will work to enhance joint responsibility between all sectors of society, starting with the individual and the family, and implement a number of social, psychological, therapeutic and preventive measures, aimed at To create a society that rejects the idea of drugs.

AND director explained that the strategy was formulated through joint efforts by specialized national cadres, and aimed to enhance the level of community awareness of dangers of the drug scourge, at all levels, and to build bridges of trust with groups that are addicted to these toxins, and to help them receive treatment, within pioneering frameworks to reintegrate them into society as required.

It is noteworthy that the various ministries and national institutions participating in the development and implementation of this strategy will work to embody all its provisions, through a package of operational and awareness activities and programs, in a way that contributes to limiting its spread, continuing to conduct scientific studies, and activating awareness campaigns, in accordance with the best international practices followed.