2 / 3 / 2024 

Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, honored a number of retired officers of the ranks of brigadier general and colonel in the directorate building today.

During the honoring ceremony, Major General Al- Maaitah confirmed that the Public Security Directorate is continuing its approach of communicating with its retirees, thanking them and praising them for everything they have provided during the course of their work in appreciation for their extended giving of sacrifice and honorable service to the country.

Al- Maaitah stated that this honor comes in implementation of the wise Royal directives, and in loyalty to the Public Security retirees who contributed to building their agency, and they are the ones who were and will remain united with their fellow brothers, defending the security of the homeland, and loyal soldiers of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

For their part, the retired officers expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Public Security Directorate.