The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, confirmed that the security system of the Public Security Directorate operates according to a comprehensive strategy developed according to the requirements and needs, and came to be in harmony with the general policies of the state, which are reviewed and developed according to the security data and the requirements of society.

During a lecture delivered today at the Royal Jordan Command and Staff College, entitled "The Public Security Strategy in Preserving the Security and Safety of Jordanian Society,"  Maj. Gen. Al-Maaitah, indicated that the Royal directives and visions are our reference  and guide to our work, and we always seek to translate them to reality touched by the citizen and resident through the development and improvement of what It provides both security and humanitarian services.

Al-Maaitah noted that Public Security Directorate works in harmony and partnership with the rest of the state's institutions, led by the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army, other security agencies, and various ministries and official institutions, to achieve the main goal of protecting the supreme national interests, achieving security and community peace, protecting society and providing optimal services.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed the need to counter crime in all its forms, prosecute the perpetrators, raise awareness of its dangers and limit its negative effects on society, adding that we are in a daily fight with drug dealers and smugglers, and we continue our work to confront them and strike their hideouts.

AL-Maaitah added that improving the traffic situation is a national priority, and we have developed plans and strategies for which we have begun to implement them to overcome the challenges in this field through comprehensive implementation and awareness axes, and according to a participatory approach with the relevant ministries and institutions.

The Director of Public Security confirmed that the civil protection system is a major and important part of our strategy, and we are constantly working to develop it and provide it with trained and qualified manpower, the latest equipment and devices in a way that enables the Civil Defense Directorate to carry out the duties entrusted to it with efficiency and competence, and enhances the speed of its response to emergency incidents and direct interaction.

Major General Al-Maaitah indicated that Jordan was one of the first countries to create teams and units specialized in providing security and humanitarian services, such as the Family and Juvenile Protection Department, the Royal Department for Environment Protection, the Tourist Police Department, and units specialized in cybercrime, intellectual property, human trafficking, international search and rescue teams, and combating grass fires, forests, and hazardous materials, and these units came to keep pace with the development witnessed by society and the resulting various incidents, and innovative and cross-border crimes.

The Director of Public Security stressed the importance of the role played by the citizen as a main partner in the sustainability and preservation of the community security system, as the Public Security Directorate proceeds to consolidate and strengthen this partnership through the concepts of community policing, active citizenship, and professional and responsible security media.

At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the Commandant of the Royal Jordanian Command and Staff College, Brigadier General "Naji Manasir", and a number of members of the training staff, the Director of Public Security answered the questions and inquiries of the participants in the joint 64 Command and Staff 28, which includes participants from brotherly and friendly countries.