Al-Hawatmeh conveys the greetings of His Majesty the King, and to the PSD personnel

Al-Hawatmeh: confirms the attention to the human element and providing the motivating environment by plans meet the needs

 Al-Hawatmeh: Continuing enhancing logistical support to all field units to enable them to carry out their duties in an optimal manner.

Al-Hawatmeh directed to the preparation of security studies in the police directorates to find out the phenomena, behaviors, and criminal patterns, and to deal with them according to clear plans.

Al-Hawatmeh stresses the importance of communicating with citizens, maintaining their trust, and engaging them in supporting  the rule of law.

Al-Hawatmeh expresses his appreciation to the retirees and stresses the necessity of benefiting from their expertise.

Public Security Director, Maj. Gen. Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, met with senior public security officers at the directorate's building today, to find out the most important strategic plans and projects to develop the directorate's work in all fields.

The Director of Public Security conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of jordan Armed Forces, and His Majesty's pride in the efforts of security personnel and their active role in providing assistance to society and protecting lives and property.

He stressed the importance of continuing to develop all security and humanitarian services provided to citizens, and strengthening the rule of law with a commitment framed by laws and legislation, and the rules and ethics of respect for human rights.

Al-Hawatmeh indicated to the need for optimal utilization of resources and energies, and continuous evaluation of administrative, operational and training plans and strategies, in a manner that ensures the improvement of general performance and the improvement of security work, in implementation of the wise Royal directives.

The Director of Public Security stressed the need to achieve the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all security and traffic services, and to provide the necessary logistical support to all field units; to enable them to perform its duties optimally.

He directed the Directors of Public Security units to pay attention to the human element, provide the most appropriate stimulating work environment for individuals and officers, and qualify them through training plans that simulate the needs and take into account the functional specializations of the staff.



Al-Hawatmeh indicated that Public Security Directorate, with all its components, worked in high coordination that reduced the response time to incidents and reports, and contributed to the speedy provision and improvement of service, stressing the need to reach the best standards of response and implementation that the Public Security Directorate aspires to.

Al-Hawatmeh stressed the need to communicate with local communities within the directorates and regions, and to prepare security and social studies to find out the most important phenomena and behaviors, prepare plans to meet the needs, maintain citizens' confidence and involve them in supporting the rule of law.

Al-Hawatmeh explained that the public Security retirees are an integral part of the work and change system, expressing his appreciation for them, and stressing the need to benefit from their expertise, serve them, in a manner befitting their sacrifices and the great services they provided.

Public Security Director praised the achievements in the modernization and development stage, and the advanced level reached by the Public Security Directorate, indicating to the importance of professionalism in performance and justice in the application of laws.

The Director of Public Security expressed his thanks to all units, which made a qualitative manner in the level of their services, indicating to the continuous success in the services of the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department, which represented an advanced model and distinguished performance.

Al-Hawatmeh listened to the most important future plans and projects presented by the Assistant Director of Public Security, in the areas of strategic planning and management, operations, rehabilitation and training programs, and continuous performance evaluation.