The Director of Public Security, Maj. Gen. AbeidAllah Maaitah, met the heads of the police delegations participating in the "SOFEX" 2022, where he discussed with them the bilateral relations and ways to develop them.

At the SOFEX event, Al-Maaitah met with police delegations from New York Police, German, French, Italian and Turkish police, and from brotherly countries, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the Palestinian police and the Palestinian Civil Defense.

The Director of Public Security welcomed the delegations and thanked them for accepting the invitation of the Public Security Directorate and for participating in this global event hosted at the city of Aqaba.

During the meetings the director held AlMaaitah stressed the public security directorate's openness to work in a participatory approach to enhance security and peace in the region and the world, in translation of the Royal directives, and the constant pursuit of openness to the police agencies in those countries, and benefiting from the exchange of expertise with them in various fields of police work. , especially in the training, technical fields.

Referring to the global conditions and the development of crime that necessitates all of us to work together to confront it, especially new and cross-border crimes and drug crimes.

For their part, the heads of delegations thanked for the warm reception, stressing the importance of this participation in the “SOFEX” 2022, which allowed them to see the experiences of other countries in the fields of security and training.

Emphasizing the aspiration for more cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, and to build on the foregoing aspects of cooperation, and to launch a broader horizon in various areas of police and security work.