The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, met in his office today, Wednesday, the Mayor of Amman, Dr. Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, to discuss aspects of cooperation and coordination to improve the infrastructure and traffic safety systems, and to enhance the elements of a safe environment for citizens.

During the meeting, Major General Al-Maaitah referred to the continuous partnership and efforts made in integration in various areas of public service between the Directorate and the Capital Municipality.

Al-Maaitah stressed the role of Greater Amman Municipality,  in preparing to take appropriate measures to develop the regulatory situation, in a way that provides traffic and environmental safety and organizes  the movement of transport and the necessary infrastructure.

PSD director  explained that Public Security Directorate seeks, with all its components, to implement the wise Royal directives calling for upgrading the level of services provided to citizens and residents in the Kingdom, in a manner that is in line with the needs of society in light of social and demographic changes, adding that  the process of exchanging experiences and existing efforts between the Capital Municipality and Public Security Directorate to achieve the joint  goals. .

In turn, the Mayor of Amman indicated that the Greater Amman Municipality is continuing to provide all forms of support and assistance to the Public Security Directorate, and to enhance partnership with it in order to provide distinguished services to citizens, and to develop solutions to improve the traffic situation and enhance a safe environment for citizens and residents.

During the visit, Dr. Al-Shawarbeh was briefed on the work mechanism of the Operations and Control Directorate, praising the efforts made by the Public Security Directorate, and the great technical development in the field of traffic control and regulation, providing services to citizens around the clock, and preserving the security and safety of society.