The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, met today at the Princess Basma Institute at the women police command, The Permanent Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs and the British Commonwealth, Philip Barton, in the presence of the British Ambassador to Amman, Bridget Brind.

The two sides discussed ways to strengthen joint cooperation in the security and police fields, and exchange experiences, especially with regard to training and qualifying women in police work.

The Director of Public Security stated that the women component began working in the police and security field in 1972, during which Jordanian women proved their capability to perform and adapt to the work environment, and gained everyone's respect, which was reflected in their level of performance.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed that Public Security Directorate's keenness to consolidate strategic partnerships with various relevant international bodies, with the aim of enriching security and police experiences, especially the training and technical aspects.

For his part, Barton praised the success of the Jordanian experience in integrating the female component in the security fields, especially in the work of the police and civil defense, stressing the importance of cooperation and joint coordination to serve the police and security process.

The delegation was briefed by the commander of the women police, during which she explained the establishment and development of the women's police and the tasks carried out by the women's police in various public security units.