Major General Al-Maaitah: The amendments to the traffic law came with the aim of protecting lives and stopping the depletion of capabilities

Major General Al- Maaitah: We are continuing to implement our main duty to protect lives and property by implementing the traffic law honestly and responsibly

Director of Public Security: An intensive campaign to educate citizens about the amendments to the law and its implementation mechanisms, with the aim of preventing violations and reducing them, before its entry into force on 19/09/2023.

Today, the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, chaired a security meeting in the Directorate building, during which he was briefed on the most prominent operational and educational plans and procedures that were prepared to enforce the amended traffic law before it entered into force on 19/09/2023.

Major General Al-Maaitah confirmed the Public Security Directorate is concerned with implementing the provisions of the amended Traffic Law in partnership with all official agencies and institutions, each within the scope of its work in order to achieve tangible results in providing a safe traffic environment and what supports these results with numbers and studies.

The Director of Public Security added that the amendments to the Traffic Law came with the aim of protecting lives as Public Security Directorate are continuing to carry out the main duty to protect lives and property by implementing the Traffic Law honestly and responsibly, and addressing dangerous violations and reckless traffic behaviors and the resulting heavy losses in Lives and property.

Major General Al-Maaitah passed orders to all commanders and directors in the field to follow up the implementation of the roles assigned to their units in coordination and integration and to use the technical and technological infrastructure necessary for their implementation, such as electronic connectivity, training of workers and providing them with the knowledge tools and skills necessary to implement the law, indicating to the need to re-evaluate the deployment centers of traffic points and their effectiveness and mechanisms of action.

The Director of Public Security directed that the executive and operational procedures should be preceded by an intensive media campaign to educate citizens about the amendments to the law and its implementation mechanisms to prevent and limit violations, in cooperation with various media bodies, and to indicate the most prominent violations and administrative and legal penalties resulting from dangerous and reckless behavior, stressing that the start of the campaign before a sufficient period from the enforcement of the law which represents a message to everyone that the violation is not our goal, and that our goal is a true partnership in which everyone cooperates to protect society and stop violations and dangerous behaviors.

The Director of Public Security emphasized the role of official and private institutions in spreading knowledge, holding awareness programs and supporting them through educational and community events and activities, meetings and workshops in which commanders, directors and officers from the Public Security Directorate participate in the aim of interacting with society and institutions to spread knowledge and deliver the security and traffic message for which the law was amended.

During the meeting, which was attended by his assistants and directors of the relevant departments, Major General Al-Maaitah was briefed by the Director of the Traffic Department, in which he spoke about the most important operational, legal, media and training dimensions related to them, and the levels of readiness to ensure the implementation of the amended law efficiently and in a framework of integrity and transparency.