30 / 4 / 2024 

The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized in the Directorate HQ today the event of the National Community Policing Meeting under the title was titled “Ala Al-Ahed”

The national meeting was attended by a number of senior military and civilian officials, representatives of ministries, national bodies and institutions, civil society organizations, members of local councils in the governorates and youth activities.

The meeting included the launch of a number of community projects, activities and initiatives, which Public Security Directorate began implementing this year through the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate in cooperation with various public security departments and units, ministries and governmental and private institutions.

The Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training delivered a speech in which he stated that Public Security Directorate is proceeding, in accordance with the wise Royal directives, the building of trust and cooperation relationship with society, its institutions and individuals, to enhance community cohesion and maintain its security and stability.

The assistant director added that this meeting, which coincided with the Kingdom’s celebrations of the silver jubilee of His Majesty, the Supreme Commander assuming his constitutional powers and the loyalty carried to the wise Hashemite leaders, and to the national constants and eternal principles that the Directorate of Public Security has carried since its founding, indicating that this meeting comes as a continuation of the efforts of Public Security Directorate in keeping pace with the requirements of modern security work, based on humanitarian and societal dimensions, in which the citizen is a major and active partner in developing solutions and overcoming challenges.

It is worth noting that Public Security Directorate announced during this meeting a number of community knowledge and training projects that it launched by direct orders of Public Security Director, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, the most important of which is the project to documentation of public security history, the project to formulate a theoretical framework for community policing, and develop the work of local councils in addition to other projects aimed at strengthening society, especially the youth, such as the “Bunyan” project, the “Sila” initiative, and the National Program for Security and Youth.