Public Security Director, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, stressed the distinguished level provided by the Bridges Security Department to serve passengers and the procedures it has taken that were capable of enhancing and upgrading the services provided to travelers.

During his visit today to the Bridges Security Department, Major General Al-Maaitah stated that everything that is modernized, developed and provided in terms of services in the various public security formations is only an implementation of the wise Royal directives.

The Director of Public Security stressed the necessity of providing the best service to the pilgrims, facilitating their passage, and redoubling efforts in a way that saves time and effort.

Indicating to the importance of maintaining efficient coordination with partners in the ministries and official institutions operating in the bridge, to ensure good organizing and the development and improvement of procedures.

Major General AM-Maaitah toured the city of pilgrims and briefed on the preparations made to deal with the pilgrims.

The Director of Public Security also was briefed  by the Director of the Bridges Security Department, on the most important duties carried out by the Department, the security and humanitarian services and the facilities provided to travelers across the bridge, especially with the start of the grouping of pilgrims.