The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, stressed the importance of the great role played by the Civil Defense Directorate in providing comprehensive humanitarian services around the clock in various circumstances and conditions, praising its readiness and professionalism of its staff-members.

During his visit today to the Directorate of Civil Defense in central Amman, Major General Al-Maaitah stated that the professional efforts of civil defense personnel are the subject of pride of our wise Hashemite leadership, stressing the need to continue providing humanitarian services according to the highest levels to ensure a speedy response while dealing with emergency incidents of all kinds.

Major General Al-Maaitah indicated that Public Security Directorate is keen to provide all suport to build the capabilities of the Directorate’s personnel , and update them according to the best standards by providing them with qualified and trained human cadres.

The Director of Public Security appreciated the great efforts made by the civil defense cadres during the implementation of the humanitarian tasks and duties entrusted to them, and the distinguished level they reached in responding to emergency incidents, which contributed to reducing damage and loss of life and property.

Major General Al-Maaitah also was briefed by the Director of the Civil Defense Directorate in Central Amman on the most prominent duties entrusted to the Directorate, operational plans, and incidents statistics that were dealt with.

On the other hand, Major General Al-Maaitah visited the Medical Support Command to observe the reality of the medical and treatment services provided to the personnel  of the Public Security Directorate, and briefed on the new service related to linking ambulances to the Medical Support Command Center with regard to following up on sick cases that are dealt with by the civil defense ambulance cadres. .

This service is distinguished by enabling the doctor to view the medical reports of the diseased condition via e-mail and directly, which enables him to provide the correct medical advice to the paramedics until they reach the hospital, noting that this service was applied as an initial stage in the capital, Amman, and will be applied later in all regions of the Kingdom. .